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Cornel Popa is a Thief

We hope he will not be successful in tricking any other backers in the future.

We started staking Cornel Popa age 24 (born October 2nd 1992) aka bbebe02 on June 25 2016. He was profitable for the first few months but wasn’t respectful of bankroll management rules and went on a 15k downswing starting in January 2017. In March 2017 after recovering about 8k of the losses, he was still asking for reloads which prompted us to request an audit. He delayed and gave excuses and then went missing with the remaining bankroll at the time which we estimate to be around 10k. He had many friends within our group and essentially disgraced himself in front of all, one of whom had vouched for him. We were told by his Romanian friends that he has gotten into drugs but is still continuing to play on Pokerstars with our money.

Cornel Popa is obviously a thief and should not be trusted by any backer. What’s most surprising, is he was willing to humiliate himself as a thief among a group of his personal friends and poker peers in Romania.

Be aware of Cornel

We will 20% of whatever is recovered to anyone to who assists in this process. bbebe02
888: bbebe01
Winning Poker Network: 4betovic
Skype: arborigen1 ID: johnny_pkr89
E-mail address:
He may still live at the address Simion Barnutiu nr.54 sc.A ap.13 et.5
He may still use the phone number (+40)73088697


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